Floating Docks

Floating Docks

Our Floating Dock systems come standard with a 5 Year Structural Warranty. If you are adding a roof or Fundeck system we have our Combination Docks, which have a floating dock and a fixed roof or Fundeck. This type of construction takes the stress off of the floating dock and puts it where it needs to be, on the “foundation”, the pilings. The pilings are also designed for cable boatlifts to protect your boat. Click on our “Options” page to see the decking, handrail, roof and Fun Deck systems to complete your dock system.

Standard Floating Dock

Our standard floating dock

  • 4′ Fingers / Double Banded
  • 6′ Main / Recessed virgin vinyl cellular extrusion decking materials
  • Black Encapsulated Floats
  • 8 – 8″ cleats
  • 6 Corners
  • Black Dock Bumper Inside and Out

Standard Floating Dock with Shingled Hip Roof

Standard Size With Hip Roof

  • Shingles your choice
  • No outside guides

No Overloaded or
Twisted Dock or Roofs

Standard Floating Dock with Hip Roof

Our standard floating dock comes with:

  • Big 10″ Round Poles (Square Poles Optional)
  • Big 10″ Gussets
  • All custom fitted for stability and strength

Floating Dock with Double Decker Fun Decks

  • Standard Size with Upper Level
  • Recessed virgin vinyl cellular extrusion decking materials
  • Virgin vinyl cellular extrusion decking materials vinyl hand rails

Truly Maintenance Free

Standard Floating Dock with Metal Hip Roof

  • Metal, color of your choice

No Outside Guides For Maximum Use!

Warranty (Structural)

5 year on Floating Docks
10 year on Fixed:

  • Dock
  • Fun Decks
  • Roofs
  • Piers

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